Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Launching Soon

Details of the launch of the Wonders of Weston on 29 October are now available, together with a downloadable map of the artworks. Fuller details will, apparently, be available on Friday.

And, at long last, we've got some more information about the artworks:-

And My Eyes Danced by Ruth Claxton

Winter Piece by Tim Etchells

Shelter Piece by Tim Etchells 

Without Earth Under Foot by Lara Favaretto

Holm by Tania Kovats & Grant Associates 

Silly Scope, Funny Foot Age and Spam! The John Cleese Fanzine by raumlaborberlin

Everything You Need to Build a Town is Here by Wrights & Sites

There's even going to be a book about the project to be published by Book Works next year.

Am I allowed to say that I'm getting quite excited by all this?

Am I alone? Tell us what you think.


  1. I am VERY excited by this. I've forwarded all the info to the people on my MA Curatorial Practice course in the hopes I can excite some of them too.

  2. This is great. Wonders of Weston have now released the launch date on their site http://www.wondersofweston.org/launch/ and have started to inform the public of it :)